Monday, November 21, 2011

No Boomerang.

I forgot to mention the boomerang bag.  We had to identify one bag as the "boomerang" bag during bag check in.  No limit to the number of bags with the Air Force, just a limit of 1501b.  Poor weather is common at McMurdo and can come up at any time so every flight has to be prepared to spend another 5 hours headed back to Christchurch, called boomerang, in which case the only bags you have are your carry on and your boomerang bag.  I set up my carry on as my boomerang.  I discovered after landing at McMurdo with only 1 night, and leaving my other bags ready for loading in the morning, that it was poor preparation.  But since we were back on a plane in less then 24 hours, it was irrelevant.  But alos no penguins nor many pictures in McMurdo.

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