Monday, November 21, 2011

Antarctica Landing

Monday the 14th of Nov. 2011, our flight landed outside of McMurdo at the airfield in the early afternoon New Zealand time.  Nothing says Antarctic like odd looking motorized vehicles.  "Ivan" The Terra Bus was the first thing we saw getting off the plane.  See more of the album for the surrounding view.  We loaded into the bus for a short ride to the actual station which could not be seen from here.  Inside the station we got out of our gear and had another orientation in the cafeteria. We found our rooms, made our beds and extracted a few items from our bags.  At 7PM those of us headed to the Pole had to (not so much pick up) identify our bags, show our ECW gear for the next day's flight.

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  1. Is that a Zil?
    It looks kind of like those Soviet era Siberian transports. Might be a little too small tho.