Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sorry that I never got back to finish the last posts.  I do have a new blog for new adventures.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

D-L Has Left the Ice

I left on the second to the last batch of outgoing folks on Monday Feb. 13.  Will put up an album.  I am taking some time in NZ and just don't have the connections to catch up on the posts.

The sun goes round and round.

Got pictures.

Standing around with your pants off

I better say more here now.  It was actually supposed to be "Dance your Pants off" night in the B1 Lounge.  I sadly have not pictures.  The theme was to simply wear anything but pants, most people wore shorts.  I wore the pink dress from New Years so maybe I can pull a picture from there.  It ended up being more standing around talking than dancing.  But it was my last weekend there so it bears reporting.  Someone put old pairs of jeans up on the cardboard covered (to block the still constant sun) windows.  I did get to dance one with Jace.  Otherwise it was a bit of alcohol, visiting and just the "cool kids" hanging out.

Celebrating 50 years around the Sun.

I state it as 50 years around the sun because I am only getting younger every year; at least that is how it feels.  Being at South Pole for my birthday, this birthday was important to me.  It was a great time.  Just by chance the event of the night, Saturday Feb. 4, was called "Open Mic" where many talented people got up to sing.  A band played at the end for dancing.  Kathy made a cake for me and we cut that up on Sunday at the science center.  It was just the right size for the group that came to wish me well.  Some photos will follow, I am way behind on posts and will be putting in some place holders to fill in later.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012