Sunday, November 20, 2011

Epic Journey South Begins

Back in action at last.  Welcome followers old and new.  To the right is the only picture I was able to get in Denver where I joined up with about 20 other Raytheon Polar Services Corporation (RPSC) employees deploying to Antarctica.  The poster is in the hallway of the Polar Services Building.  We had a day and a half of orientation preparing us for our epic journey South.

The afternoon of Nov. 9th, we boarded a plane to LA and waited 6 hours for your 13 hour flight to New Zealand.  However, that was still not the end, we had another hop from the North end of the North Island (Aukland) to Christchurch (middle of the country).  In Aukland, we cleared customs smoothly, picked up some local money, and proceeded to the domestic terminal for the second flight.  Which we barely had time to do.

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