Tuesday, December 6, 2011

There is a Road You Know

These Vehicles and the trailer (where the crew lived during the Traverse) "drove" from McMurdo across the ice to Pole following a specific route.  It took 4 years to establish the route.  This is SPoT1, SPoT2 is on its way.
Having driven vehicles to the States, I have had several experience where someone would ask if I brought the car on the ferry. I would say, “No, I drove....there is a road you know”. And most would say, “No, I didn't know”. To say there is a road to the Pole is a bit of an overstatement but one of two sets of vehicles arrived a couple days ago. The program is called “Traverse” or SpoT (South Pole Traverse) as in they traversed the ice sheet to get here? Why? Why not? Okay, primarily to bring fuel. They are twice as efficient (half as in-efficient) at bringing fuel than the LC130 Hercules Airlift process. This particular crew has a second duty which is to continue “East” to a site called ARA which has completed its mission and several pallets of stuff must be extracted. So they will bring it back here and hopefully take it all back to McMurdo this year. If time is short, they may have to leave it here and take it the rest of the way next year. Part of the Antarctic Treaty is that you have to take it allllll back out.

I have taken this opportunity to make an album of the ”Beasts of the South”. They are as unique as any other part of the place.

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