Friday, December 30, 2011

Reading Accoutrements for South Pole

Here is a peak at the station.  More to come.... I am lining up photos.  I know I keep promising it but I want to get down and help set up for the New Years Eve party and the network will be gone for the day by the end of that.  Click here for this album.
Slippers, water, Nook-Book, radio and reading glasses

Reading accoutrement for the Pole station.

Actually, I wear the slippers around the station a lot but it adds to the picture.  We always carry water around, the air is very dry.  And the radio is on hand because we are always on-call and to know what is happening with the flights, etc.

My new reading glasses, that I got just before leaving home.  It was a close race for them to get in before I departed.

I brought the Nook e-book reader that I bought last March after getting the tax return.  It is a nice little color computer for the money.  I thought it better then bringing a load with me.  And it is not like there is anything else around here to read (sarcasm, please).
Library and Quiet Reading Room - more paperbacks in the B1 Game Room.

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