Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Pole Marker

The World Revolves Around Me!
 In other belated news.... We had a double ceremony on Jan. 1, 2012.  The usual pole moving ceremony was doubled up with another centennial celebration event.  A new marker was produced to commemorate the centennial replacing the old marker.  We gathered outside on another moderately cloudy day (not the norm really).  The large placard had already been moved leaving the old marker exposed.  Katie drilled the new hole and we gathered around the sign and Bill gave the short commemoration speech.  Many gathered around the sign for fresh pictures.  Click here for the album.  The ice moves 10 meters or 30 ft a year so every New Year the marker for the geographic pole is moved to catch up.  The ceremonial pole remains in place.  I did get out and get some new pictures today with Joshua who is here for a few days for close ups of the marker and my "The World Revolves Around Me" shots.
Old marker by the flag new one to be placed by the big sign, ~30 ft since last year.

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